In dash screen hacking - raising and lowering?


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I'm thinking of the best place to stick a cheap aftermarket screen in our 2010 XC90. There's so many in - dash screen units available on ebay quite cheap that I'm thinking of getting one and gutting it just to use it to mount a screen of my own in the casing.
Does anyone know of anyone who's done this?
What do you really looking for help with would be the wiring of making it raise and lower on one button. Also, what would be handy is if anyone knows of a power feed that comes live when the car goes into 'park assist' mode. That way the screen would come to life when the car goes into reverse, and would continue to work with front and rear cameras until the speed goes up and the car goes out of peak assist mode!

Anyone know of any projects that have done this? I'm relatively handy with basic wiring, not too daunted by taking things apart, but do get a little baffled with complex systems of relays etc!

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