Getting Locked Out of 2016 XC90

We got our fifth Volvo earlier this year, a 2016 XC90. We have been mostly happy with it, there are some tech issues that have required service, but 99% of the time this car is awesome. However, that 1% of the time with is fails, it FAILS HARD!

Here's the issue, Lisa drives the XC90 to work daily, and she has randomly been locked out of the car. Most of the time, this happens in the morning at home and since my office is in the house, I just grab my key and unlock the car. However, yesterday, Lisa was leaving the office, put her laptop bag and purse (with keys and phone) in the back seat. She closes the back door and the car locks. I used the phone app to unlock the car; however it would not unlock. I ended up driving to her office to use my key to unlock her car. I'm a regular business traveler, if I'd been out of town and she'd been working late, she'd been in a world of hurt.

This issue does not happen to me, since I carry my keys in my pocket. Therefore, women will be the ones who are most likely to suffer from this error when putting their bags in the back seat.

Has anybody else been seeing this issue? I left a message with our dealership service department to call me today.
I am having that same issue. Did you ever get a fix for it and if so what is it? My dealership does not seem to know what to do and Volvo Customer Care doesn't seem to help.
Sorry to say, I don't know why, but the issue has been resolved. I expect is was one of the many software upgrades. Our dealership never told us that "this" would fix the issue, they had no idea how it started or what fixed. They knew it was a major issue for us, we were ready to return the XC90! Three years later, we're nearing the end of our lease and strongly considering another XC90.

You could contact our dealership to see if they know anything that might help you -

I really wish I had a better answer.