First Volvo! for ME!! Replacing my Lexus

HI Guys so i been lurking ( i know this forum isn't very active hopefully it changes in the near future lol), but i just picked up my 2018 XC90 T6M. i'm replacing my NX200T F-Sport with XC90. My weekend warrior is '17 6m/t Camaro SS. i really wanted to get the R-spec, but just happened to lock a nice deal on my XC90M. no plans on modding it just trying to keep up with maintenance and keep reading up on any common concerns.

Only Question i have is - Is the Polestar Tune worth it? i saw maybe 1-2 cars on the lot had a blue badge on it. what's average price people paid?

Here's picture or 2 :)

Volvos are like lexus, overpriced although way better.

If you want a better deal buy a lincoln or cadillac
Maybe you will find the Volvo not as silent in the interior cabin and the ride much stiffer. Aside from that you will enjoy it with the family. The polestar does add snappier shifts and more torque. You will notice it.

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Second Volvo for me this one , besided my C50 , can't wait to get it in a while [wave]