enable remote starter without subscription &|| disable Stop-Start System

Ironic, no?

I know to enable to auto start feature i need to subscript to some kind of service, i cant bring myself to do it, i'm too cheap and where does it end? will the 2020 model only let you go above 100 if you pay a monthly fee? is anyone aware of a hack or a trace i can cut or something along those lines to enable this via fob?

Stop-Start System, i understand the justification but i hate it (stop and go traffic + making right turns on red...), every time i get into the car i immediately turn this feature off... so who is winning? i feel like the guy from Lost just hitting the button because that's what you do. Is there anything that can be done to turn this off without disabling or changing the car to dynamic every single time i get in?

The application On Call by Volvo is totally worth the cost IMO. I know about my vehicle at all times, and can quickly check mileage and fuel. All trips are recorded (if you choose) and I can lock it, start it, or turn on the preconditioning from anywhere in the world. At first I too was annoyed that I had to pay an additional fee, but after having it during the free trial period, I knew It was a must. I only regret not going for the 3 year term instead of the 2 year...compare the cost vs the length.

If you wish to permanently disable the start stop, Hold down the left enter button on the steering wheel and turn the ignition on and hold both for around 5 seconds till the vehicle makes chiming noises. DO NOT PRESS THE BRAKE. To turn it back on, hold down the right steering wheel button and ignition for the same 5 seconds till chimes.
Thanks SRG, i finally had time to give this a try... are you sure the steps for permanently disable the start stop you provided are for a second gen 2016+?

It chimes and acts as you say it should but there is no change to the start stop being turned off?
Yes, worked on my 17. I did this procedure prior to the latest update, so it may be disabled now, I've not checked.

Prior, the icon would still show on the dash, but would never turn white and the vehicle would remain running at all times.

Did you drive it around or just look for a change to the icon?
no, you're right at the time i just checked the icon in the center console and it stayed on after doing the procedure you said:

looks like this:

if you say the icon doesn't change but the result is stop/start just doesn't engage then i'm happy. I'll test it out later today.
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The "Ready" icon is what I was referring to, at the bottom of the RPM's. "Ready" will stay there, but remain shaded...it won't disappear, like when you turn it off via the Sensus screen.
are you saying there is a "ready" icon somewhere here that represents the status of the stop/start system:
Yes, it's located at 500 rpms, and is in all caps.
So im guessing there was an update preventing this from working. ( i had mine updated about 4 months back )

As far as i can tell the "READY" text is now gray on my car but the engine still shuts down @ red lights.

just to be 100% sure im doing it right, this is what it would look like before:

And this is what it should look like after:

You could try the other side enter button, it may be reversed?

...and it may not work after the update....not sure why they would stop that function tho. I'll try it again on mine this weekend.
So no luck, i've tried every combination possible and im starting to worry im unknowingly turning off other things? :cautious:

I've tried it with both the left and right center button on the steering wheel, but just to confirm:

1. I press and hold the button shown here with the circle on it (ive tried both the left and right side of the steering wheel center button)

2. at the same time (without my foot on the gas) i turn and hold the ignition starter in the start position for 5+ seconds:

3. I wait for the chime to come from the car and that's the end of the process?

Sadly, if im doing everything right, that process no longer disables stop/start.
The enter button is the one with the circle, yes.

Disabling the S/S is all that process did, so no worries about other things.

Still need to check mine.
I guess they disabled this trick. Even the chime is different now. There may be a way for the dealership to turn it off.