Drivers Key Fob "Missing From Vehicle" Message


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2017 XC90
I've owned my 2017 Volvo XC90 for approx. 2 weeks now and the only problem seems to be a recurring error message that states the key fob is not in the vehicle, when it is clearly setting in the center console area. This seems to occur when I exit the vehicle while the engine is still on (pumping gas, vehicle running in my driveway while I run in the house, etc.). The error message even popped on when my wife entered the second row through the right passenger door. I took the Volvo back to the dealer after the first week and they changed the batteries in both key fobs since they both seemed to cause the error message. It worked fine for a few days then the error message has popped up a few more times. I've also noticed that when the engine cuts off when you stop and park when the auto stop/start is engaged, it takes a few minutes for the engine to restart. I'll twist the start knob several times with no success before it finally kicks over. Is this an example of Volvo's quirkiness or is this a serious issue with the new design?

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