DIY Adding replacement key FOBs to the XC90


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I know conventional wisdom says take your car to the dealer for them to program new keys. I just wanted to throw it out there that it is indeed possible to add keys yourself. It is definitely NOT for the faint of heart, but it is fairly straightforward. The method I followed involved removing a circuit board (the CEM) from behind the steering wheel to read EEPROM data via JTAG. Total cost out of pocket for programming 3 new key fobs: $500. It took about 2 hours due to the learning curve but went off without a hitch.

General process guides:
- Youtube: CEM Removal guide
- Youtube: Yanhua ACDP Module 20 New Volvo add key and All keys lost

Sketchy programming hardware from China that worked flawlessly:
- Yanhua Mini ACDP Programming Master Basic Module Device
- Yanhua ACDP Set 20 New VOLVO IMMO Module

New Keys:
- Volvo Genuine Smart Remote Key Set (3x)

If anyone goes down this road in the future, a couple of tips:
- Bolts are all M8, screws are all T25.
- Removing the storage bin: there's two screws up top, and two clips below. Remove the screws and then pull the bin straight out towards you.
- The middle cable assemblies (black, green, brown) are removed by rotating the retaining latch.
- The bottom green assembly is removed by pulling the black retaining latch towards you.
- The top-middle green assembly is removed by pressing a tab on the upper side of the housing.
- I was about 50% successful in non-destructively undoing the cable retaining clips/ties/mounting posts.

Good luck.

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