Dealer trouble.

I have noticed that my dealers service is declining. This go around I had to wait two weeks for them to get a loaner and they now have only one Volvo service advisor. They are selling a lot of Subarus and the dealer energy is going there. I was told on the sly that a future standalone Volvo dealership is in the works more central within the city.

Is this the trend? The decline of the multi dealer to the detriment of the more expensive and less well sold auto. Makes me wonder if I should have bought a Subaru.
I came from BMW to Volvo and the first thing that I noticed about Volvo is that their showrooms/service centers are lacking. The showrooms are small and cramped and service centers do not feel like it belongs to a luxury brand.

Years ago, BMW made some huge changes to their dealers and service centers. Their service centers are very well organized, at least from what I experienced. I never had any issues getting a loaner, even for a basic service such as oil change. BMW does sell a lot more cars than Volvo.

I just got my XC90 after driving BMWs for the past 15 years. I would had stayed with BMW if they had something that is comparable to the XC90. The new X7 seems to be on the larger size and more comparable to the GLS. I haven't been to the Volvo service yet but from what I saw on the outside, it's not spectacular. But don't judge a book by it's cover, right?

When the 2nd gen XC90 first came out, I stopped by this Volvo dealer near one of my offices to check it out in person. This was when Volvo was not selling much cars. The showroom was small and only had room for 2 cars. The service had 2 lifts and 1 tech on duty and had no cars that was being worked on. It was a sad sight.
I take care of servicing of both our cars, mine is XC90 and my wife's Lexus.
Both are comparable when you are inside dealership (Chicago suburbs), but I like Volvo better as I have an option to have my car picked up for service with free loaner drop off and same when my is returned, you can't get much better then that (it is free)! My Volvo dealership is very Swedish, minimalistic open design which I love and I noticed that Lexus IS actually doing very similar thing with their decor. My Volvo dealer is a standalone one, no other brands, although a while ago they sold Fisker Karma there too (which was a >100k sports electric car).
No complains from me!