Cannot connect. When is Volvo going to fix this?

I called Customer Service twice over the past month. They say they are ?working? on it. It has been over a month and still no updates.

Volvo needs to fix this or compensate us for it.


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What are you talking about?
Still no word from Volvo on this. My updates still will not connect and they have given no timeline on when their issue will be resolved.
Apparently this was a software fix. I suspect something Volvo pushed killed downloads. Very odd. Even the dealership had to work with Volvo to figure out a piecemeal reload to fix the problem. Hopefully this time a software fix doesn?t kill my heated and cooled seats like last time.
Can now download again. Updated all my apps including the music apps I have been truly missing. Oddly they moved Sound Experience to its own button on the far right screen. Those crazy Swedes. Lol
2018 T8
i cannot connect at all.
Cant save network allthough its visible and i add the pswrd.
GPS is 20 km off , after map update with USB
im calling the dealer today to get some instructions


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Make sure you modem is on, under connection settings.

You connect via onboard modem and onboard sim card, or connect via hotspot.