Air Suspension Setup Question

This is my first Volvo. I just purchased a 2017 XC90 T8 with 1800 miles. It was a dealer demo. Anyway, where I live the road surface is not really very smooth. Potholes have been filled and there are a lot of bumps and ruts. As I drive on this surface I find the T8 to move a lot. When on smoother roads that are twisting requiring I drive around 25 miles to 30 miles I find the suspension to seem somewhat loose. The car seems to roll a lot. I had a Acura NSX with Coilovers so that is probably not a fair comparison. Our Chevy Bolt does not seem to jump up and down as much either. I am trying to figure out how to set the suspension. From reading the manual you can choose Individual where you are allowed to make a lot of adjustments. I am getting ready to try that. I have had the suspension in Hybrid but that just allows the car to shake too much. Would Power be a better choice? We replaced a 2015 Toyota Highlander Hybrid Platinum Edition car with this one. The Toyota seemed to handle more smoothly and not roll as much. Any ideas would be appreciated.
Air Suspension problem solved

I was able after reading a lot and checking out various posts that I needed to set the suspension to Individual and then go into the menu and select what I wanted. All of a sudden the car performs as I hoped. The ride is much tighter and there is very little bounce. Thank goodness.