advice needed on airbag issues


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Hi all... I'm new to the forum, and will hopefully be an owner soon..

Im about to buy from a friend an xc90 that has been on its side, only side airbags deployed and amazingly hardly any damage to the car apart from rear door and rear light damaged.. it stopped on a rock so damaged the door but not the pillar.

Obviously the car now has airbag light on and will not start.
I have seen side curtain airbags and control units are cheap enough on ebay.
Question is, if i fit the new bags and Ecu, will anything need reprogramming or will it be plug and play. I actually live in spain and not many volvo dealers around here..
He said when it went on its side the engine stopped immediatly so im assuming there is an engine cut out to prevent damage?
Hello Bazzo,

I know this reply is 10 months late however I have the answers for you.

You will first need to replace any deployed airbags and any airbag sensors that may have been damaged.

If you use a donor airbag module, you will need it programed to your VIN.
You can have this done at Volvo or using VIDA and a DICE unit. You will need to purchase a subscription to VIDA and also purchase the software for the airbag module.


Use your original one and purchase a cloned copy of VIDA and DICE unit form eBay or AliExpress. You can reset the module without having to purchase the subscription and module controller software.