2011 Clockspring help

I was getting ABS system disabled messages, Anti skid service required, blah, blah. VIDA said SAS or YAW sensor were the issue... replaced SAS with new volvo part.

Did the DSTC calibration, all sensors said "finished." Then I cleared all fault codes. ANTi Skid disabled comes back on when I brake and turn back into the driveway. The codes now are

BCN-U042864 Invalid Data Received From Steering Angle sensor module -Algorithm based failures- single plausibility failure


SAS- C008B64 Steering Angle overflow- Algorithm based failures- single plausibility failure

Is it time to take to the dealer and have software download, or does anyone think I'm one revolution off on the new SAS installation? I'm 100% certain I'm as close to 2.5 turns as possible (it will only fit in one spot in the steering wheel cutout) It was probably installed 2.2 turns from the right). The only other way to install would be to install ~3.2 turns. Does anyone know if steering wheel straight ahead is 0 degrees SAS or 360 degrees SAS? I can see it being 360 to keep all the numbers positive when turning left and right, negative numbers make the programming more difficult...

All those "new" codes in more detail basically say the SAS is reading over 700 degrees... which I guess it's not supposed to. Which makes me think I'm 1 turn out...

Thanks for any help or insite.
For anyone following this conversation with myself, I'll update, the problem has been fixed. When installing a new SAS the part says 2.5 tuns, but doesn't mention the yellow tab needing to be in the window. I installed mine at 2.3 turns (as close to 2.5 as I could get) but the yellow tab wasn't in the window. The correct installation "centered" position for my new SAS was actually 3.3 turns. So when installing the instructions should be take it to 2.5 turns and continue until the yellow tab appears in the window.
Thanks for the update, wish I was able to provide some insight on the older XCs.