2005 XC90, Intermittently STALLS and DIES at stops and while making turns!

Hey Guys, I need your help. I just bought a 2005 XC90. It's got 196,000 miles on it. More than once this thing has choked out and stalled when at an idle, at stop lights or making turns. Last night it completely died while turning into my neighborhood. After about 100 attemps to restart, it finally did after about 20 min of sitting there and I drove it home. Codes read in the past few months lead to the MAF sensor. I did a thorough cleaning but still having this issue. Where should I start? Has anyone had this problem?
In other cars, I've experienced this when an idle air control valve went bad. What part on this car would have the same function?
Replace the MAF sensor cleaning usually does not help. Its not too expensive either.